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Additional Services

We purchase all of our infusion products from Olympia Pharmacy.

Primary Care

We offer primary care services that meet our client’s wellness needs based on guidelines formulated by the American Physicians Association, National Institutes for Health, and the Center for Disease Control. We offer comprehensive care to include sick appointments, school/camp forms, immunizations, and pre-surgical consultations.


Concierge and Functional Care

Our team is specialty training in both functional and nutritional specialty practice. For concierge clients, we bring a rounded and integrated approach focused on enhancing wellness through naturopathic means first, prior to exploring any pharmaceutical methods. Concierge and functional care services are a great option for those clients who seek to meet specific goals related to lifestyle and optimize wellness.


Athletic Performance and Nutritional Supplementation

We offer programs designed to optimize athletic performance capacity for our extreme and endurance athletes. Based on the specific goals and current performance thresholds we will design a supplement regimen to optimize cellular function and performance capacity.


Nutritional Supplementation is also used to jumpstart and sustain weight loss, increase immune response, combat dehydration, nourish skin, and is also used to meet specific goals based on assessment. Your Best Health offers individual supplementation sessions, and membership options for clients who have lifestyle and long-term goals they are committed to.


Medically Assisted Weight Loss

We offer tailored programs to meet short-term and long-term goals related to weight loss and body image. While we do not offer aesthetic services, we will partner with you to shed excess body weight. This is accomplished through a combination of medications, therapies, and teamwork. Each plan is designed individually to meet the client's needs and goals.


Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

If this is to reduce menopausal symptoms, restore a more natural comfort level, or to enhance intimacy we will design a safe and effective program to meet your goals. BHT is always one part of a comprehensive health care plan through primary care services or concierge care to promote safety and essential monitoring.

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