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Meet Elizabeth (Beth) Dow


Beth presents certification as a Board-Certified Advanced Practice Registered Nurse with a Family Practice Concentration (APRN, FNP-C). Beth also presents a Functional Nutritional Medical certification (CFNMP). Adding to this expertise Beth carries a board certification in infusion therapy (CRNI) to solidify safety in providing nutritional replacements.

Beth partners with each client to meet them where they are on their path to wellness. She designs tailored plans of care with each client to meet and exceed individualized goals. Beth bases the standard of wellness on the recommendations of the United States Preventative Services Task force, National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control, and the American Medical Association.

Literacy regarding disease states that are often overlooked or under-treated is a partiality in Beth’s practice. Partnering with specialists to treat disease states such as Dysautonomia, Lyme, Neuropathies, and Chronic Fatigue is a focus to provide clients primary care in alignment with their specialists.


Beth is available in office and virtually, limited on site therapies can be arranged by her staff.

Our Team


Ayer Road Staff, left to right:

Carol Savage MD, Elizabeth Dow APRN FNP-C, Linda Loussaulo OM-M


While Beth is in independent practice, she is closely affiliated with Dr. Carol Savage, who specializes in family medicine. Dr Savage is a current ILADS physician with expertise in Mold Toxicity, Lyme, and genetic/metabolic disorders.


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